Roles and responsibilities

  1. Ensure compliance and provide guidance in accordance with the Procurement Rules and Regulations and other relevant rules for fair and transparent process in procurement of Goods, Works and Services to achieve value for money.
  2. Manage the whole procurement process from identification of needs, compilation of required technical information/specification from the relevant sector/officer for the preparation of Annual Procurement Plan for the agency in the e-GP system.
  3. Prepare tender documents, call for tenders, conduct tender committee meetings and serve as the Member secretary to Tender Committee.
  4. Supervise relevant store staffs, record properties procured/acquired by the agency, ensure proper record of fixed assets in the Government Inventory Management System(GIMS) and coordinate proper disposal of properties.
  5. Administer contract management of goods including timely receipt of goods and verification of bills for payment.
  6. In case of procurement of Works and Services; ensure Terms of Reference and Bill of Quantities are obtained from the concerned sector/officers.
  7. Other than technical specification of any procurement the procurement officer shall review the document prior to publishing.
  8. All procurement related matters shall be first reviewed by the Procurement officers and if need to be seek clarification from DNP. Submit the Procurement Report as and when required by the relevant agency.
  9. Any other task assigned by the Supervisors.


Bidder Information with Comparative Statements for FY 2023-24

Attachment Size
1.TATA Bus LP 709 EX-34 BS-III.pdf 753.26 KB
2. TATA Bus Ultra.pdf 744.88 KB
3. TOYOTA Hilux (REVO).pdf 655.5 KB
4. TOYOTA Hilux (VIGO).pdf 537.43 KB
5. Mahindra Bolero Camper Gold VX.pdf 700.43 KB
6. Eicher Bus (School).pdf 693.28 KB
7. Tractor Sonalika.pdf 686.15 KB
7. Tractor Sonalika_0.pdf 686.15 KB
8. Compactor Truck-TATA LPT 1109 BS-III.pdf 680.22 KB
9. Eicher Tanker-Pro 1110 BS-III.pdf 694.43 KB
Tyre.pdf 250.05 KB
10. ISUZU- Hilander.pdf 722.55 KB
Electrical items.pdf 479.59 KB
Hardware items 2023-24.pdf 1.12 MB
Office furniture.pdf 319.38 KB
Printers.pdf 229.71 KB
Stationary items.pdf 536.53 KB
Toner.pdf 389.91 KB
Bidder information.doc 288.5 KB