To fulfill the obligation laid down in the CSAB 2010, the BCSR 2018 & the LG Act 2009.


To coordinate, implement and monitor HR Development & Management programs.


  • Assist and help implement HR initiatives in the areas of recruitment, organizational development, professional development and performance management.
  • Maintain and provide up to date information/statistics of available human resource and their employment.
  • Assist in organizing workshops/seminars/conferences related to human resource planning and employment.
  • Draft letter/correspondence related to HR activities.
  • Provide information on human resource and employment when required.
  • Assist in the counseling of job seekers on employment.
  • Assist in the recruitment of candidates for employment and trainings.
  • Review the performance evaluations of the employees and submit the reports to the immediate supervisor for perusal periodically.
  • Compile and coordinate meeting for annual performance review exercise.
  • Process recruitment, selection, training and other HR related activities for all civil servants of the organization.
  • Maintain leave records, encashment and transfer details of employees.
  • Provide clarification on BCSR to other employees whenever necessary.
  • Maintain personal files of the officials along with their records and details.
  • Help in issuing online audit clearance certificate to the officials.
  • The HRO is the Member Secretary for the Thromde Human Resource Committee.
  • Prepare and compile agenda for the meeting.
  • Provide timely information to HRC members on HRC meeting and keep minutes of the meeting.
  • Carry out activities as per provisions of the BCSR 2012 & CSAB 2012. (recruitment, selection, appointment, promotions, transfer, induction, training, leave, review and approve/ recommend civil servant opting for ERS)
  • Prepare, review and recommend organizational structure, staffing pattern and strength, HRD plan in consultation with other division/section heads.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the CSIS database as and when required.