To implement the provisions in the LG Act 2009, Section 273 a,b,l,o,p:

  • Formulate local area plans and priorities in respect of the Dzongkhag Thromde and submit to the Thromde Tshogde for approval;
  • Promote planned development and appropriate land use, control of squatter and illegal settlements and regulations of commercial activities;
  • Ensure that urban planning and development are carried out in a manner which is consistent with the national urban development policies;
  • Carry out preparation of structure plans including land use plans within the Thromde areas and recommend their approval to the Ministry for urban development;
  • Carry out land pooling scheme or any other appropriate planning techniques and prepare local area plan within the jurisdiction of the Thromde;



  • To review Urban Development Plan (UDP) on a 4 to 5 yearly basis for securing environmentally balanced, yet socially and economically dynamic development
  • To coordinate preparation of local area plans that meets the objectives of UDP.




  • Manage, evaluate and monitor the overall functioning of the sections under UPDD.
  • Prepare and detail the five year plan activities in line with the investment plan. 
  • Prepare work plan to carry out the five year plan activities and monitor the progress. 
  • Coordinate preparation of UDP/LAP.
  • Develop implementation strategies for sustainable development.
  • Implement strategies approved by Thromde Tshogde through physical plans i.e UDP.
  • Public consultation. 
  • Liaise with Zimpon’s office, MoWHS, NLCS and other agencies. 
  • Coordinate with other divisions of the organization. 
  • Conduct land verification and property transactions.
  • Prepare and present planning reports for submission to the Thromde Tshogde and the MoWHS.
  • Identify sites for various government organizations and institutions as required and requested.
  • Any other task assigned by the Executive Secretary.

The plans are made through co-operation of all the divisions in the SJ Thromde    Administration,  with the Head of UPDD as the coordinator. The plan initiatives are discussed and approved by the Thromde Tshogde after public consultations. The head of the division is accountable to the Executive Secretary. 

Two urban planning professionals, two surveyors, one land registrar and one environment officer


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