Members (Section 50,Thromde Rules 2011):

  1.    Chief Development Control Officer, Chairperson
  2.    One officer from the Royal Bhutan Police
  3.    One legal officer;
  4.    One officer from each utility company/agency (BPC and BT)
  5.    Thromde Thuemi of the concerned Demkhong
  6.    Engineer, Water Supply and Sewerage
  7.    Survey Engineer, 

Powers and functions (Section 50,Thromde Rules 2011)

  •    demolish unsafe and unauthorized structures, buildings or those portion of structures that have deviated from the approved building drawings;
  •    penalize defaulters who do not comply with final notices or warnings of the Thromde administration;
  •    prevent street hawking and vendoring;
  •    implement laws, rules and regulations;
  •    pull down or disconnect unauthorized connection of municipal utility services; and
  •    deal with such other issues, which in the opinion of the Thromde, concerns public safety, health and the environment.







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