1.     Obtain the form from Urban Planning Division.

 2.     Attach a recent copy of the Ownership Certificate or Lag Thram.

 3.     Get clearances from the various divisions and sections as mentioned in the form.

 4.     Make an appointment with the concerned Urban Planner/Surveyors for the survey of plot.

 5.     After the survey, make appointment for plot demarcation. Obtain an invoice and collect the site plan from the concerned planner/ surveyor after making payments for the site plan to the Revenue Section.

 6.     Cross-check for errors in spellings and data entries (i.e. names, plot no. Thram no. etc.).



  • The Site Plan shall be prepared by the concerned planners/surveyor and issued to the Land owner within 15 days from the date of demarcation.
  • Validity of the site plan is 12 months from the date of issue.


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