The new born child has to be registered as a Bhutanese citizen in the Bhutan Civil Registration System within one year. To register a new born baby as a genuine Bhutanese citizen, you will need to submit the following documents:

i)         Duly completed original Birth Registration Form.

ii)       Marriage Certificate or Tshogpa Statement and identity card copy of both the parents.

iii)    Birth Documents which reflects Name of the child, Date, place and Time of birth, Weight of child and parents details.



a. Inter-Dzongkhag: Transfering of Census from one Dzongkhag to another Dzongkhag

b. Intra-Dzongkhag: Transfering of Census from one gewog to other geowg within the Dzongkhag.

c. Within Gewog: Transfering of Census from one chiwog to another within the same Gewog.

In order to transfer you census, you will have to process the letter of acceptance (Duly signed census transfer form) from the receiving part and then submit it to the relieving authority with the following documents:

i)        LAGTHRAM in the applicants name if the census is to be transferred into the new household. If not, produce an authorization letter from the Lagthram Holder.

ii)      If the Census is to be effected into the existing household, the Lagthram is not required. However, the consent from Head of Household is must and should sign on the receiving HOH part of Census Transfer Form.



The following documents need to produce for changing the name and correcting the date of birth;

i)        Duly completed form 

ii)      Original printed certificates containing name and DoB(For Students)

iii)     Service Document (Government and non-government employees) with pay book for Armed Forces duly attested by the concerned Administrative/Personal Officer.

iv)     Villagers, Monk, Gomchen and Nuns should produce the certification from Lam, not lower than the Lam “ NETEN “ of a recognized Dratshang.

The Name change/DoB correction for minors shall be entertained only during processing of new CID/SRP card i.e. upon reaching the age of 15.



The applicant shall complete all the required information in the forms duly signed by the concern Thromde Thuemi along with the official seal before reaching the Thromde Office. After completing these formalities, you are required to bring in one passport size photo and a processing fee of Nu. 100 for new, Nu. 300 for replacement and Nu. 400 for lost cases.



The applicant needs to complete all the formalities in the Death Registration form and submit to the Thromde office along with the following documents:

i)        Original CID of the deceased

ii)      Notification of Death if the death occurs within the health facility.

iii)    Tshogpa Statement endorsed by the concerned Thromde Thuemi if the death occurs outside the health facility.

iv)     CID copy of the requester




To avail the household information, it must be ensured that the applicant is the family member of the household. The household information applied by persons whose census registration is not reflected in the same household shall not be entertained unless an authorization letter from family member is produced.



For a person whose name has been omitted from “MITSI MAYIG” or is not included in the Bhutan Civil Registration System, you must submit a written application with supporting documents which are as follows:

i)        Duly completed form along with passport size photo

ii)      Birth Documents which reflects Name of the child, Date, place and Time of birth, Weight of child and parents details

iii)    Parents CID Copy


iv)      Marriage Certificate of parents or the Tshogpa Statement


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